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Our People

We have been helping our clients to manage their hotel requirements and save money for over 17 years and have a wealth of experience of the UK and International markets. We currently help our clients to book 35,000 room nights annually, saving them £1m in the process.

We currently help our clients to book 35,000 room nights annually, saving them £1m in the process.

Our principles

Whatever aspect of our service you are using, the same principles apply to everything we do and we believe that these things are the bedrock of successful working relationships for the benefit of our clients, old and new.

The customer comes first

Our business is defined by our customers and everything we do is inspired by you! If our customers don’t want it, we don’t do it….it’s as simple as that.

We’ll lead you every step of the way and because we are solutions orientated we think you’ll love working with a company that works with you to get the best possible outcome. We empower our staff to take the initiative and find the best solution that works for our clients and take responsibility for providing the best possible outcomes.

Exceed expectations

Delivering the best solutions and providing the best service to delight our customers is what we’re here to do. To us, giving 100% and using our technology are the key factors to achieve this goal and together they provide our customers with the unique opportunity to achieve results not achievable elsewhere.

Sustainable competitive advantage through market leading, easy to use, software.

Our industry has changed and providing our customers with the technology to achieve better, measurable results makes us stand out from the crowd....and helps them to punch above their weight. We are constantly developing and evolving the functionality of this software to keep us ahead of the game with the goal of giving our clients unique solutions not available from any of our competitors.

We’re experts

As they say, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" and with our expertise and software solutions combined, you’ll be able to plan like never before. You’ll get better rates and better solutions as a result. You’ll also save your company money and yourself lots of work!

We’re a people company

Customers, colleagues, partner suppliers…we’re all in this together and this results in a commitment to training and development. We believe in only 2 things, hard work and fair play, it's as simple as that.

  • To be a company with a personality
  • Professional, expert and fun
  • Fast-paced but quality driven
  • Creative innovation with the human touch
  • Approachable, sociable, welcoming and client-centric
  • Business like, entrepreneurial but still a family
  • Passionate about our client / supplier partnerships.
  • Motivated, inspirational and accomplished
  • Empowered, supportive and encouraged to use our initiative for the best solutions.

Our clients

It's all about relationships

We are proud of the clients we work with and have built close working relationships with over the years. The segments we have particular expertise in are as follows:

  • B2B exhibitions - numerous blue chip exhibition and publishing clients
  • Medical Congresses - numerous Professional Associations bringing together the requirements of organisers, exhibitors and delegates
  • Corporate event planners from numerous sectors including: Pharmaceutical, Medical, Training, Defence, Software and technology, Retailing and Cosmetics
  • Professional conference organisers
  • Corporate buyers and procurement specialists
  • Sporting events
  • Orchestras
  • Production companies