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Which of these 6 guaranteed benefits do you want?

With no extra work on your part and absolutely no fees for our services and booking platform can easily deliver all these benefits and we are currently helping our clients to do just that, saving them £1m in the process.

  • Attract more attendees

    Attract more attendees to your event with great, managed, hotel solutions

  • Networking opportunities

    Create more networking opportunities, more of the time, to enhance the event experience

  • Guaranteed lowest rates

    Reduce your own event costs and get guaranteed lowest rates

  • Reduce spend

    Reduced corporate hotel spend across your business (corporate policy planners!)

  • Increase efficiency

    Improve operational efficiencies with our streamlined platform

  • Improve satisfaction

    Delight your audience and improve attendee satisfaction levels.

Which of these 6 guaranteed benefits do you want?

  • Take your events to the next level with bespoke, fully flexible online platform.

    • Manage your business more easily and impressively. You’ll increase the number of people using the service and get access to administrator tools as well.

    • Delight your audience and improve attendee approval ratings with an elegant and easy to use online hotel and concierge platform

    • Attract more attendees to your event with great, managed, hotel solutions

    • Create more networking opportunities during the event to enhance the event experience and increase satisfaction levels

    • Guarantee the lowest rates and reduce your own costs

    • Online multiple corporate event tools to manage all your organisations events in one place

  • Leveraged procurement strategies mean you can reduce organisational hotel costs across all your event AND transient requirements

    • Be more strategic to improve outcomes

    • Improve operational efficiency to increase productivity

    • Maximise economies of scale

  • Create an event community and create more opportunities for networking

    • Increase the number of bookings booked through the service

    • Get your attendees into the hotels YOU want them to be in, rather than scattered across many hotels

    • Let your attendees know where other attendees are staying

  • Integrated online solutions to build trust and reflect your own brand values

    • Iframed into your own site

    • Booking journey personalised for your own event with dedicated email address and personalised text.

  • Provide a ‘whole event’ experience rather than just hotels.

    • Booking services for booking hotels, apartments, restaurants, airport transfers, flights, social events and more.

    • All services online and in one place

    • Offline customer support for complex requirements

  • Traditional expertise and commitment

    • Corporate events, accommodation, exhibitions and congresses have been our world for over 25 years

    • Operational support you can trust and rely on

    • Partnership approach

    • Exceeding expectations is our aim.