Solid relationships built on solid performance

Happier clients

Better events

More success

  • Accommodation booking services

    Our professionally managed accommodation booking services, brings with it a huge range of benefits, whatever your specific requirement.

    Unless you have something against, reducing costs, reducing your workload and tapping into a specialist resource with years of experience that is here to help and offered free of charge, what is there not to like?

  • Concierge services

    Goals are varied and now you can access a team of specialists that will help you create the perfect solution including restaurants, flights, airport transfers, social events and more.

    When you set up a concierge service, you not only get access to all the various suppliers in one place but you can also get a solution to reflect your branding and be an extention of your own service offering.

  • Venue finding

    The internet makes this easy, right? Well, maybe.....or maybe there’s more to it than that.

    By letting us help you, you not only save yourself the trouble of doing all the work yourself but you’re also giving yourself the chance to benefit from our our strategic approach and the resources to ensure you get access to the widest range of venues, at the best negotiated rates.

    So, you’ll reduce costs and give yourself the chance to get on with other things while we take care of the venues for you.

  • Venue management/onsite services

    As hoteliers, we know a thing or two about venues and how they work. You’ll enjoy being able to benefit from this expertise and the relationship that develops, built on service levels and trust.

    For multiple projects, take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of the different programmes being run by the various hotel groups to ensure you’re getting the best value.

  • Accommodation procurement

    Reducing client costs is always our priority and the procurement process becomes an important part of ensuring you get the best value from the hotels, whether it’s for an individual group, specific project or as part of the formulation of a corporate hotel programme.

  • Strategic meetings management

    Analysing your varied meeting requirements and applying a strategic approach to how they are managed and placed is the central theme of our role and, once objectives have been established and processes agreed we’ll set about ensuring a coordinated approach across your entire business.