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  • Use attractive, professional, online booking pages created exclusively for your event, conference or corporate group

    You know that all your users want something that is as quick and easy to use as the consumer booking platforms they are used to using and that clearly reassures them that they have got the best rate on the day.

    With the right tools you’ll improve user satisfaction levels. We do that by developing the functionality to do just that. Your users can price compare and enjoy an elegant interface that is extremely easy to use and super-fast as well!

    Free to use featuresSimply put, there are no charges for using the software or any of our core services. You don’t pay us a penny at any time and we work along the same lines as a travel agent with our income generated from the suppliers we work with.

    We are a registered travel agent and our IATA number is 96 01 98 40.

  • Connect all content together and create a full ‘concierge’ for more convenience and less hassle

    You know that all your users want something that is as quick and easy to use as the consumer booking platforms they are used to using and that clearly reassures them that they have got the best rate on the day.

    Let us create the complete concierge for you and your attendees will be able to join up all elements of their trip and book hotels, restaurants, transfers, flight, and much more. What’s more, they can do it all online, directly with us, and we’ll create their itinerary for them for the entirety of their trip.

    We’ll personalise the experience and so they really have the true ‘one stop shop’ experience when dealing with us.

  • Improve approval ratings across the board

    Using an online platform with global capabilities and a partner with experience of handling events globally means you can enjoy a reliable and consistent standard of performance time and time again. You’ll be able to work more efficiently and benefit from the economies of scale associated with volume procurement.

  • Reduce hotel spend and guarantee best rates for you and your participants

    Getting the best rates is a must. You need to know the negotiations are done correctly and you need to know they are being communicated to all participants so they, and you, can benefit. MICE Concierge is set up to deliver the best rates and the booking platform to get access to them. Good for you and good for your attendees.

  • Easy to use organiser access for less hassle

    MICE Concierge is designed to give you easy access to all the projects you have ‘on the go’ so you can track activity (i.e bookings!) and booking patterns. You can log in see everything you need to see conveniently in one place and once you’ve signed up, creating new websites for you is easy so you and your business can start getting the benefits straight away.

  • Create more networking opportunities

    The importance of networking doesn’t stop at the coffee break or when the show closes at the end of the day. Your attendees are hoping to network as much of the time as possible so MICE Concierge has the functionality to let you begin developing the networking opportunities from the very start of the process to the very end to help everyone attending to network morning noon and night and get most out of the experience.

  • Customise and integrate

    No two clients are the same and you know that your requirement is unique based on your processes, policies and the nature of your business. We understand that so we have built the platform as a modular system so it has the flexibility to enable customisation of the platform as easy as possible.

    You can add the hotels you need, define all the terms and conditions, payment options and more for a tailor made concierge for your event.

  • Integration tools for a seamless partnership

    When you integrate our platform with your own, you’ll build trust and that will mean higher satisfaction levels and better outcomes as a result. With MICE Concierge, you’ll be able to apply your own branding and integrate with your own system so the result is a service and a booking platform that is uniquely integrated with your own so the whole experience seamless for your attendees.

  • Offline support

    We are passionate about the fact that our solutions are also about our people. We will give you access to our resources and with 17 years in the business, our expertise, integrity, innovative ideas and commitment to quality ensures we can develop a level of trust that leads to relationships that last.

    Our unique software is designed to work in partnership with our offline services and our services include the following:

    • Events services
    • Accommodation procurement
    • Offline booking services
    • Account management services
    • UK and international hotel search
    • Conference management
    • Strategic Meetings Management
    • Onsite services
    • Corporate hotel/travel programmes

    We currently help many organisations by using our services in the following sectors:

    • Exhibitions
    • Medical Congresses
    • Conferences
    • Corporate meetings
    • Training programmes
    • Corporate groups
    • Company conferences
    • Team building events
    • Roadshows
    • Dinners and receptions