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  • Storck

    "I have been working with Anna and the team for my conference and accommodation requirements for around 18 months now and they never fail to deliver excellent results. My brief is responded to immediately and from working with Anna on a few projects, she really understands what we are looking for for the various different occasions. I receive a number of different of options suiting my requirements along with a brief summary of each which I find most helpful.

    I have organised events for very senior members of Storck (UK and International) as well as customer entertaining. I would always turn to Anna and the team for any arrangements that involve this calibre of person. They are professional, prompt and always willing to help wherever possible. As well as locating the venue, they also carry out the liaison with the venue for any other related arrangements. It makes life a lot easier having just one contact to deal with from start to finish.

    I would highly recommend Anna and the team for any conference/accommodation requirements you may have and I’m looking forward to working with them on future projects."

    By Rachael Andreotti PA to Managing Director
  • UKTI

    "Thank you both very much for your support during the lead up and during the Exhibition, it was a challenging foray into the slightly unknown waters, being such a major change of direction in our modus operandi. I was most grateful for both of yours cool and calming hands on the helm from your side of the operation. But it worked out extremely well, thank goodness!

    Hopefully the mopping up phase should go well as all is very well documented. I can be contacted if there are any queries.

    Best of luck to both of you, and thanks again for your support."

    By Ashley Business Development Events Procotol

    "I am very happy to recommend MICE Concierge Software to other Medical Associations and even organisters. We have always been extremely pleased with your partnership approach, ability to ensure best rates and the best possible arrangements for our delegates and all other atteendees.

    Your experience team of specialists are a real asset and the quality of work they deliver as well as the quality platform that backs them up, are a real enhanchment to our event so thank you for your continued support on all our congresses around the UK and Europe over the years and those of our smaller, sister Associations."

    By Bhavnita Patel Assistant Chief Executive