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We’ve been working with National and International Associations and Societies for 20 years and we are especially proud of our standalone accommodation service, our virtual/digital conferencing solutions, our registration services and more besides.

We understand that Associations are face unique challenges with their events and now, more than ever, are looking for the most cost effective solutions that deliver the best value and elevate the event to the highest level possible.

When you choose MICE Concierge you are choosing a partner that knows it’s business and understands yours. A provider that has invested in the most advanced event technology and has the expertise to use it most effectively. You’ll discover ways of doing things that you didn’t know were possible and by combining our unique set of skills you’ll be able to get the synergy to reduce cost and boost attendee numbers.

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Case Study

Best rates guaranteed / A secure service from a trusted and reputable partner / Personal service to manage complex arrangements for exhibitors and delegates.

UK National Association was organising their annual congress for 3,000 attendees. Some attendees were based locally however some were travelling internationally to attend the event.

They needed a full-service concierge without adding to their workload so they could concentrate on more important revenue generating tasks.

Simply providing an online link or portal was not going to be satisfactory and their key priorities were to increase networking by driving all attendees into the right hotels.

They also needed a VIP service for their most important attendees and a way to manage groups.

There were six other important goals:

  • GDPR considerations
  • Provide a full-service solution, including online booking tools and offline management
  • To try and keep all their delegates together in just a few hotels.
  • To be able to guarantee the best rates.
  • To be able to leave the management of this area of the event to a trusted partner.
  • To reduce their own spend and workload.

MICE concierge were appointed to handle all accommodation management for Delegates, Speakers, Exhibitors and other specific groups attending the event.

As the appointed partner we set about creating a hotel booking programme to include a range of hotels within the direct area of the venue. The hotels selected were chosen to suit all budgets, styles and requirements of the various groups involved with the event. We managed all rate negotiations and room allocation contracts to avoid any unnecessary charges.

In line with the client’s specifications we also worked with all local suppliers including Restaurants, Taxi firms, coach companies and tourist attractions to create the customised ‘concierge’ for the event.

Our role included:

  • Negotiating rates and contracting rooms.
    • Ensuring rates are competitive with all online platforms
    • Ensuring adequate rooms are held for delegates needing rooms
    • Ensuring we can offer bedrooms right up until the event start date.
  • Setting up our unique online platform in line with client specification and to reflect their own branding.
  • Managing all complex group bookings and allocations
  • Handling all delegate queries and amendments in the run up to the event
  • Managing the VIP programme
  • Working in partnership with the organiser on all elements of their event planning as required.
  • Marketing communication to all stake holders attending the event

Providing timely management information to the organisers

The organiser achieved all their intended goals. Delegates saved an average of £40.00 on the nightly rates and were able to secure their rooms at the most relevant hotels for the event so could network more.

In customer feedback surveys completed after the event

  • 88% delegate satisfaction levels of ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Very satisfied’.
  • 100% of people rated our efficiency, expertise, friendliness, response time and professionalism and good or excellent.
  • 77% Live chat rating from customers booking with us in this way

I am very happy to recommend MICE Concierge. We have always been extremely pleased with your partnership approach, ability to ensure best rates and the best possible arrangements for our delegates and other attendees. You experienced team of specialists are a real asset and the quality of work they deliver as well as the quality booking platform that backs them up, are a real enhancement to our events so thank you for your continued support on all our congresses around the UK and Europe over the years and those of our smaller sister Associations.

Bhavnita Patel - ASGBI