Corporate Accommodation

Reduce Admin, Save time, Better business.

We’ve been working with corporate accommodation programmes for 20 years. National training programmes, transient employee requirements, special projects for large retail organisations, global skincare brands, National Sporting Organisations and the BBC!

All organisations have their own culture and processes and ways of doing things so fitting in with the way you do things is central to our approach. Adaptable solutions that increase satisfaction levels, reduce spend and create more time for your staff to be getting on with other things by reducing admin.

Scope of services

  • Strategic planning

  • Creation and Implementation of policy

  • RFP process

  • Negotiations and contracting

  • Creation of online booking channels

  • Reporting

  • Policy Management

  • Dedicated offline support

  • Groups management

  • Integration with M&E policy

Why you’ll like us

  • Personal input from a company that hasn’t forgotten we’re a people industry

  • Cost reductions

  • Better cost control

  • Improved consistency

  • Better management of expectations

  • Contribution to CSR responsibilities

  • Increased operational efficiencies

  • Access to a team of specialists

Case Study

Sales teams, trainees, senior employees, project work, roadshows, marketing teams and other requirements all go into the corporate accommodation mix and we work to make sense of the demand, before creating a structured hotel programme to meet that demand.

Every company is different and the solution is unique to each one based on culture and the nature of their business.

With experience in the cosmetics, retail, broadcasting, engineering, sporting sectors and just about every other sector

Negotiations, RFP process

Hotel selection

Consistent hotel provision

A more efficient booking process

Greater visibility of spend and insights into savings

I am very happy to recommend MICE Concierge. We have always been extremely pleased with your partnership approach, ability to ensure best rates and the best possible arrangements for our delegates and other attendees. You experienced team of specialists are a real asset and the quality of work they deliver as well as the quality booking platform that backs them up, are a real enhancement to our events so thank you for your continued support on all our congresses around the UK and Europe over the years and those of our smaller sister Associations.

Bhavnita Patel - ASGBI