Intelligent Meetings Services

Planning. Efficiency. Results.

We LOVE helping clients to reduce spend and improve internal efficiency. Whether you are planning an individual meeting or conference, or have a series of meetings that require a strategic approach, we have the people with the expertise to deliver the support, creativity and results to take you to the next level.

We understand that every client is different with their own way of doing things so being a true partner that is able to fit in with internal business processes and culture, is a key part of our success.

Success is defined by commercial drivers and we make it our mission to understand, exceed expectations and demonstrate value against the benchmarks set.

Services available include:


Scope of services

  • Venue sourcing for individual conferences

  • Managed Meetings Programmes

  • Delegate management

  • Venue management

  • Onsite services

  • Event production/logistics

  • Registration services

  • Badging and onsite services

  • Leveraged negotiations

Why you’ll like us

  • Let us take the strain while you get on with other things

  • Take advantage of our leveraged negotiations

  • Enhanced event production

  • Strategic planning to  get best value and maximise efficiencies

  • Happier attendees

  • Measurable returns on investment

  • SMART goal setting


Case Study

UK based company in the Aviation industry was organising a conference for

  • 600 delegates
  • US based event
  • 3 days
  • Accommodation, online and offline registration
  • Venue finding and Accommodation management

We supported the client by finding the venue and managed accommodation service for all attendees.

  • Registration

We then used our online registration software to provide an online service for multiple registrant types, flexible payment options and offline support for special requests.

  • Increased concentration of attendees in the HQ hotel
  • More networking opportunities created between exhibitors and attendees
  • Reduction in work required by the organiser
  • An enhanced experience for the user
  • A quicker, more efficient signing on process for the user
  • Cost saving for the organiser

What a fantastic, easy to use and seamless user journey having just booked my test place onto the conference…

The wording, details and each step is perfectly pieced together…Other than that this will revolutionise the user experience, give a modern feel to our 2020 conference and save huge man hours.

A huge thank you from me working with us to create a unique user experience.

Marie – Head of Training and Development