Terms and conditions


The 'Hotel' means the venue where the booking is taking place. The 'Client' means the organising body/company or individual authorised and responsible for the commissioning and payment of the event or individual booking. The term 'Contract' means the signed contract for a specific booking or the confirmation sent by MICE Concierge for individual bookings. The term 'Event' means the event described in the event contract or our confirmation document. The Term 'Booking' means any booking either group, conference, or individual. The term 'booker' means the person making the booking

1. Hotel terms and Conditions

1.1 All bookings are subject to the Hotel's own terms and Conditions and these are binding.

1.2 You agree to the terms and conditions of purchase imposed by the hotel used, which may include, but are not limited to additional duties, taxes and related charges to the quoted rate. You understand that any violation of the hotel's conditions of purchase may result: in cancellation of your reservation(s), in your being denied access to hotel or in your forfeiting any monies paid for such reservation(s) or purchase(s) and in the hotel debiting your account for any costs incurred by the hotel as a result of such violation.

1.3 You agree that MICE Concierge is not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any hotel suppliers or any personal injuries, death, property damage or other damages or expenses resulting from the use of such suppliers.

1.4 From time to time, the hotel may 'book out' your booking for reasons beyond their control. MICE Concierge has no liability and will not make refunds for any delay, cancellation, overbooking or other causes beyond our direct control and MICE Concierge has no responsibility for any additional expenses resulting therefrom.

2. Bookings

2.1 Confirmations

A contract comes into effect on receipt of our written confirmation of booking and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained within it. It is the client's responsibility to check the details on the confirmation and notify us of any omissions or errors on the confirmation at the time of booking. MICE Concierge accept no liability for any losses or expenses incurred as a result of any such errors or omissions if we are not notified of them prior to arrival.

2.2 Amendments by the Client

All amendments to bookings should be made via our office. MICE Concierge accept no liability for any disputes arising where we have not been party to said liability for any disputes arising where we have not been party to said amendments.

2.3 Guaranteed bookings

If your booking is GUARANTEED (as stated on your confirmation), your reservation is held by the hotel until you arrive, no matter how late. However, should you not arrive at all, or cancel the booking AFTER the time specified, you are liable for the cancellation charge made by the hotel. If your booking is not guaranteed, your room will be released at the time stated.

2.4 Cancellations

All cancellations should be made via our office at all times, except in the case of emergency. In the event of cancellations made directly with the hotel you are required to obtain the name of person with whom you spoke and the cancellation reference number given to you by them. In the event of late cancellation, MICE Concierge accept no liability for any costs incurred as a result of late cancellation but we will endeavour to make a reasonable request for such charges to be waived but this decision remains entirely at the discretion of the hotel concerned.

3. Rates

3.1 All rates quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking only. No guarantees are made as to the duration over which availability is valid. Bookings not made at the time of enquiry are subject to updated availability at the time of confirmation.

3.2 All promotional rates offered are subject to specific terms, conditions, restrictions and are subject to availability at the time of booking.

3.3 In the event that, at short notice, the hotel offers promotional rates for the same period as your booking and the same booking details, we will endeavour to obtain the lower rate for you but this is entirely at the discretion of the hotel.

4. Payment of accounts

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, on MICE Concierge letter headed paper, you are responsible for all charges levied for receipt of hotel goods and services, any late cancellation/no show charges or other charges that may apply.

5. Literature

5.1 The description of accommodation, facilities and/or services supplied by principals is their sole responsibility and their accuracy is not warranted by MICE Concierge. The provision of a brochure, or directory by MICE Concierge is for guidance only and shall not be taken by clients as an inducement to enter into a contract, as a representation by MICE Concierge, express or implied, or constitute an obligation on the part of MICE Concierge.

6. Complaint handling

6.1 If you have a problem with the service you receive from MICE Concierge you must bring it to our attention at the time so we can endeavour to resolve it. If the problem remains unresolved, you should submit your complaint in writing within 28 days of your stay.

6.2 In the event you have cause to complain about the hotel services you receive, please follow the same procedure by bringing the matter to the attention of the hotel management team to allow them the opportunity to resolve the problem while you are in-house. Failure to do this, limits our ability to investigate for you although we will undertake to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the matter on your behalf to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

7. Force Majeure

7.1 MICE Concierge do not accept liability or will pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by, or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss, as a result of 'force majeure'. In these Booking Conditions, 'force majeure' means any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include, but are not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control.

8. General

8.1 In the event of a dispute between MICE Concierge Ltd and the Client, These terms will be construed in accordance with English law and MICE Concierge and Client submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.