Big Event Accommodation

The most comprehensive big event booking system on the market today.
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The 'standard', the original and best, the jewel in our crown. Nobody provides accommodation services for big events quite like us. We've crafted the most comprehensive bespoke service by delivering into a well oil machine that channels demand, reduces spend and increases attendee satisfaction levels for many events from 100 - 40,000 attendees for over 22 years.

We know the life of an event organiser is stressful enough and we make it possible to have one less thing to worry about. We work in partnership to delight attendees, reduce cost, increase networking and carefully manage the requirements of speakers, sponsors and VIP's..

If you want to know some of the amazing things we can do to help you advance your commercial goals then we'd love to hear from you.

Big Event Accommodation

What can you get?

Delegate booking service
Group booking management
Inventory management
Accommodation provider management
Reports and metrics
VIP Concierge service
Contracting and negotiating
System integration
Big Event Accommodation

Why will you like us?

More networking opportunities
Lower room rtaes
More convenience for attendees
Enhanced service for VIP's
More support from our team of accommodation specialists
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