Venue Sourcing

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Venue finding sounds simple but getting the best solution doesn't happen by accident. Finding, securing, negotiating and contracting with the RIGHT venue and ensuring all the details correct is critical and takes time. That's why we have evolved a system that quickly and reliably turns what can become a chore into a simple, money saving task, while we do the hard work for you.

What could be easier than giving the job to a friendly partner that you trust to do the job as well as doing it yourself whilst saving you money into the bargain! Our proven system takes a way the pain of all the research, the follow up calls, the negotiations, the checking and makes the whole process a whole lot easier and when you let us help, you'll get access to our team of specialists, leveraged negotiations and a whole lot more.

With our system, YOU stay in control from start to finish, we give you access to technology that allows you full visibility of your event metrics but you have us alongside you taking away the hard yards. The scope of our work comes in all shapes and sizes from a single meeting enquiry right up to strategic planning for multi site meeting programme so why wait? Get in touch today and let us start helping you and your business to save money and and give you some hours back into your day.

Venue Sourcing

What you can get

Access to our team of specialists
22 years of experience and relationships
Leveraged negotiations
Online management system
Effective strategic planning
Venue Sourcing

Why will you like us?

You can relax because you're in safe hands
Reduce spend
Get some hours back in your day
Get more control of your meetings and spend
Improve measurement and analysis.
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