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Knowing what it takes to run a virtual conference successfully has never been more critical and as anyone that has been through the learning curve of delivering this type of event knows, there is more to it than switching on a webcam and hoping for the best.

Our range of virtual conference production services focusses on using technology with the widest feature set on the market today with all the support skills needed, both before during and after, the event.

To run a virtual conference successfully we firstly consider the planning and preparation required, the requirements of the technology, the content, the skill levels of the speakers, the format, the goals and so on. Our in-house technicians are on hand to guide and implement client requirements to create engaging and cost effective digital event experiences that take your event to the next level.

Virtual Conference Production

What can you get?

Design and build conference platforms
Training and onboarding of speakers
Metrics and evaluation reports
Tech support
Content curation
Integration with Onsite AV
Project management services
Virtual Conference Production

Why will you like us?

Give your digital event more impact
Remove the stress of doing it yourself
Friendly in-house specialists
Convenience of getting all your event services in one place
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