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10 Conference Venues That Take the Boring Out Of “Conferencing”
10 Conference Venues That Take the Boring Out Of “Conferencing”

It’s said you can’t have too much too much of a good thing. But your conference can lose its sparkle when you return to the same venue year in and year out, no matter how perfect the facilities are for your needs.

What’s more, capturing and maintaining the undivided attention of your attendees calls for more than an exceptional agenda in 2024.

The secret lies in choosing a host venue that sparks excitement and leaves a lasting impression. For this purpose, Prestige Events Magazine explore the art of selecting venues that go beyond the ordinary, elevating your event, and ensuring your conference remains a must-attend, eagerly anticipated date on the calendar of your target audience.

Its ‘it-list’ of red-hot venue suggestions include:

  • Houses Of Parliament, London – Its historic chambers and state rooms are available for hire for corporate events, providing an unparalleled backdrop for your next conference.
  • Ministry Venues, London – This iconic nightclub brand boasts three cutting-edge event venues in London’s Borough, Elephant and Castle, and Shepherds Bush, designed for creating exceptional event experiences, including awards, conferences, corporate events, meetings, or any exclusive gatherings.
  • Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge, Surrey – Expect an adrenalin-pumping setting for corporate and team-building events, with thrilling driving experiences and first-class conference and event spaces.

Check out the full list here.

At MICE Concierge, we understand finding the right venue doesn’t happen by accident. We do all the hard work for you in finding, securing, negotiating and accurately contracting with the right venue for your event and your delegates. Get in touch when you’re looking for venues for your next conference, from the tried and trusted, to out of the ordinary venues with serious pulling power.  


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