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5 Advantages of an ‘End to End’ Congress Accommodation Service

For congress organisers, this means being a ‘full service’ client-side solution for the complex accommodation needs that a congress requires. More than a link and more than a contracting service, a professionally managed accommodation service for congresses includes all that and so much more, including; managed groups, online bookings, VIP booking services and so much more.

End to end accommodation services are in demand as the world of conferences and congresses continues to bounce back from the pandemic, meaning that organisers now have to carefully strategise on how best to support delegates so that they enjoy the best experience. Offering an end to end congress accommodation service is not just a simple way to find delegates beds to sleep in, it is also a strategic solution that can help amplify the purpose of your congress and give your delegates the best experience. We’ve shared five of the best advantages to help you see what you have to look forward to – take a look now.

More Networking for Attendees

If you arrange delegate accommodation in the same venue, then not only will your event be easier to organise, it will also allow the attendees to spend more time together, networking with each other. The benefit of better networking opportunities allows each person to get a valuable experience and put the learning points from the congress into action with other delegates.

From hosting the congress during the day, to providing dinner, drinks and other opportunities for networking, you will need to select and accommodation service that can do it all. Working with the provider to come up with a schedule of events for after the congress has ended for the day means that people will be kept busy and focused, helping you to get fantastic outcomes.

Lower Hotel Rates for Delegates

One of the most obvious reasons for choosing an end to end congress accommodation service is that you can achieve better hotel rates for each of the delegates that attends. By supplying an accommodation provider with guaranteed business and sales then they will be able to lower their room rates for anyone that is attendance at your event.

The reason that this is such an important aspect is because it makes your congress more affordable and will help you to get a higher number of delegates to attend, ensuring that your profits are as high as possible whilst helping individuals to save money. Plus, with lower hotel rates, you will find that the majority of your delegates will choose to stay in the same place, reducing the pressure to provide transport between venues

Better Customer Care

Delegates will often be expected to pay a lot of money to attend a congress and as such, they will expect a high level of support and care. However, if your delegates are all spread out across different venues, it can be hard to ensure that all their needs are met , resulting in higher levels of discontented individuals and complaints that need to be addressed.

By using an end to end accommodation service you can improve your standards of customer care as you can install a team in the venue that are on hand to help delegates as needed with any issues or queries as they arise. Some of the main reasons for complaints are a lack of networking opportunities, unanswered queries about the congress and issues with the accommodation.

Having everything in one place not only reduces the number of problems but also provides delegates with more to do, helping them to have the best experience and leave them keen to return.

Better Control Over Planning

Planning a congress takes a lot of time and expertise, especially when it comes to arranging speakers, events and the overall logistics of the congress. From arranging the venues and negotiating prices to finding speakers and agreeing the plan of the event, there are a lot of considerations that need to take place before the event is ready to run. Having a strong hold on the event planning is vital to the success of the congress and this control has to remain in place as the congress goes live.

One of the ways that end to end accommodation services can support a better control over planning is to ensure that the VIPs, exhibitors and event speakers have all arrived before the event begins and that they have all their needs met, helping you to create a memorable event for all. In addition, having better control means that less mistakes will be made, better timekeeping can be achieved and the whole event can run more smoothly for all.

More Support for Delegates

Out final advantage of end to end accommodation is that your delegates can look forward to better levels of support from the moment they arrive. From shuttle transport to congress support staff at the venue and networking events to exhibition stations, there is an opportunity to offer everything each delegate needs so that they have the most rewarding congress experience.

It may sound obvious, but the better the levels of support that are offered, the more likely that a delegate will return next time and the great the chance that they will recommend the congress opportunity to others. This type of praise is incredibly valuable to a congress host as it helps to secure future business, all because you chose an end to end venue for your congress and accommodation.

Get More Consistent Results with End to End Accommodation

It’s clear that end to end accommodation offers you and your delegates the best opportunity to make the most from their time at your congress event. End to end accommodation will help you to build up levels of trust between you and each delegate, exhibitor, speaker and VIP as well as sealing your reputation as a provider that knows how to meet the needs of everyone and who is willing to work hard for the best results.


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