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Brighton conference space to be replaced with hotel

Work is underway on the new 221-bedroom Maldron Hotel on Brighton’s seafront, in place of the Metropole’s former conference and exhibition space on Cannon Place. These facilities were last used for event purposes in 2018.

Full details are still to be confirmed. But it’s understood that planning permission was granted on the proviso it won’t cause a significant shift to the city’s overall event-scape as a southern mecca of leading-edge large-scale events.

It seems to have been consensus opinion amongst the property owners and the Council, that the new hotel proposals support regeneration of a shabbier part of the city that doesn’t uphold an overall glossier image.

The company told local paper The Argus: “The hotel will both positively contribute towards Brighton’s tourist accommodation capacity, complementing the wider site’s role as a focus for key visitor accommodation, whilst also reintroducing a new vibrant use into an underused listed building, protecting its key heritage asset.”

When the Maldron Hotel opens, it will share facilities with the iconic Metropole. Further details about what this will mean in real terms are still pending. But both properties will operate on a standalone basis.

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Metropole owners put plan for Cannon Place Hotel to council, Sarah Booker-Lewis, The Argus


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