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Christmas party themes 2022: The trends that will win group and corporate bookings

Without wanting to tempt fate, it looks like the works Christmas do is finally back on the agenda after a painful two-year hiatus. Sing hosanna! But the world has moved on since then. And truthfully, people’s outlooks and priorities have shifted.

To this end, hotels and venues that don’t want to be left out in the cold are approaching the festive season from different angles, in ways that are jingling the bells of corporate bookers in 2022. For example –

·        Eco-consciousness with onus on locally sourced produce, re-usability and responsible travel 

·        Immersive experiences that include actors, costumes, digitally interactive elements, and themed food and drinks 

·        Icebreakers that provide an inclusive experience to hybrid teams who might not meet in-person on a regular basis, such as tongue-in-cheek awards, team building activities and quizzes 

·        All In affairs that throw caution to the wind and embrace the return of the Christmas bash, with banging DJ sets, stunning dancers, fun photobooths, bewitching table magic, showstopping balloon drops and eye-popping cocktails.·       

·        Nostalgia that transports party goers back in time to tinsel-festooned, platform-heeled ‘70s or shoulder-padded ‘80s dance floors, replete with Babycham, cheese and pineapple cocktail sticks, prawn cocktails and black forest gateaux. 

There’s snow time like the present if you’ve not booked your bash yet. Drop us a line at MICE Concierge. Finding the perfect place to rock around the tree has never been so stress-free. 

Christmas party themes 2022: The trends that will win group and corporate bookings, Eamonn Crowe, Boutique Hotelier


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