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How to Build the Best Event Website

When you are creating an event website, the key to success is being able to drive registrations. However, knowing how to create a website page that does this can feel impossible, especially when you are new to it or when your event needs lots of delegates to sign up in order make a profit. The good news is that there is a simple formula that you can use that will draw in the numbers you are looking for. Read on to find out more or contact MICE Concierge and we’ll help you deliver a website that helps you to achieve more.

Know Your Goals

If you are hosting or organising an event you may feel pressured when you are expected to create a website for the event on top of everything else that needs to be done, especially if you already have a website for your business. However, taking the time to build an event website is not just an ideal way to garner leads for the event but it also serves as a booking portal for tickets and accommodation away from your main website.

Typically, an event website is just one page that offers links to all the important information that each person will need to know. You can also add an email sign up for event information, advertisements from your sponsors and even social media widgets to share your event posts for people to see.

Getting your one page site up and running will also help you to understand how many visitors you are getting to the page and the amount of conversions you are getting, buying tickets to the event.

The Website Formula You Need to Use

Many event website pages don’t get the interest that is needed purely because they aren’t responsive and haven’t been adequately planned and organised. To avoid this fate, take a look at our 5 top tips to getting the best formula for your event website:

  1. Know Who You Are Targeting – the first step to website success is to know who you are trying to appeal to and using that information to help you develop your site. When a person clicks to view your site, you can be pretty confident that they are interested in buying a ticket, making them an important person to appeal to! The best way to do this is to think about the information you’d want to see if you were them and providing it in a clear and inviting way, in an order that makes sense.
  2. Promote Who You Are – once someone has arrived at your site it is important to make sure that they know who you are and what you are offering. Display your logo and motto boldly and reference who you are in the text. Doing this means that if they decide to swerve your event this year, they will remember who you are for when they need your company next.
  3. Get Your Site Up and Running ASAP – the great thing about a website event page is that it won’t take months to create, allowing you to get your brand out there to as many people as possible. Don’t stress about overfilling the page with information that is not pertinent or will take too long to load. Instead, focus on getting all the important info on it in the quickest and most user friendly way.
  4. Offer Easy Navigation – the aim of an event website is to get people buying tickets, booking accommodation and learning about what is going to happen. If you want to impess your guests then you will need to offer a simple navigation for the site, allowing them to see exactly what they need and reducing the number of clicks to the bare minimum.
  5. Stick to Simple – finally, simplicity is key when it comes to an event website as it allows the most important information to shine without confusing or cluttering the page. Highlight the key facts about the event and insert clickable links so that visitors can choose what they want to find out more about. Also make sure that you use captivating visuals to provide people with a clear overview of what they can expect to see.

The Key Information You Have to Share

Now you are clear on what you website needs to look like, take a look at the things that you have to cover on the landing page:

  • What Your Event is Called – this helps people to decide if it’s the event they are looking for.
  • The Date and Time of Your Event – make sure you clearly state the date, year and time of your event so that people can check their diaries with ease.
  • What’s Happening – letting people know what is happening during your event so that they can choose the days they want to attend.
  • Why People Should Come – clearly stating the reasons why your event is both cost effective and a must-see will help people to decide if it is the right event for them,
  • Who They Will See – sharing the people that will be headlining your event as well as a link to the full agenda will whet their appetites and get people signing up.
  • Multiple Registration Buttons – once you’ve created a good first impression on your visitors, make it easy for them to sign up with a number of registration buttons that they can click on, helping you to sell tickets.
  • Alert Signup Service – provide an email or text sign up bar that people can use to share their details and get updates on the event as the planning begins to take place.
  • Mobile Friendly Version – make sure that you optimise your site for mobile devices and tablets as well as computers to help you increase the number of people that sign up.
  • Advertise Your Guests & Sponsors – make sure that you add a link to a list of people and businesses that will be taking part in your event, providing them with advertising to your target audience.

Design Your Website Today!

It should now be clear that a well-designed website can have a huge impact of the success of your event and outreach opportunities. As such, it should be well-planned and informative to help drive the right people to sign up. Use our guide to help when you next need to create the best website for your event.

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