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Successful Post Event Engagement to Add Value

Your event is all over and done, things appeared to go well and you are left with a sense of satisfaction. However, how sure can you be that your delegates really did have a good time and do they have everything they need to use the information that was shared during the event? Rather than worry that people will forget your last event, why not undertake some quality post-event engagement? Find out what you need to do and how with our handy guide!

What is Post Event Engagement?

Post event engagement is the process of getting feedback from your delegates and providing them with important information from the event that they can use. It’s a vital part of successful planning as it not only allows you to find out how well received your event was but it also provides you ideas for improvement and development in the future. However, to achieve the best type of post event engagement, you will need to make sure that it is relevant enough to delegates to make them want to engage.

Our Top Post Event Engagement Ideas

So, are you are committed to providing quality post event engagement? Take a look at our ideas to help you get the results you are looking for:

  • Thank You Emails – it may sound simple but a short, concise thank you email is a great way to start your post event engagement. You start by thanking the individual for attending, provide them with the highlights of the event and ask them to complete some feedback that you can use to develop your next offering.
  • Publish the Recordings – it’s common practice to share the recordings from an event after it has ended so that people can rewatch it as well as giving the information to those people that registered but who were unable to attend. Even if you have not said that you will be sharing the recordings, it is still worth doing as it helps to build your reputation and keeps the event at the forefront of people’s minds.
  • Request Reviews – reviews are vitally important to improving attendance at events as they are seen as an honest reflection of the day, giving other people a clear insight into what a delegate experienced. The best way to request reviews is via a verified service as this will give readers the confidence to believe everything that has been shared.
  • Social Media Updates – most event organisers will use the power of social media before and during their event to advertise it and build momentum. These platforms are also a great way to engage with your delegates after the event has concluded through weekly chats, hashtags, sharing photos, clips and feedback. It’s important to remember that consistency is the key when it comes to social media, meaning that you are better off posting little and often rather than dumping all your content in one go.
  • Create a Highlight Reel – after every event you will find that you have become the owner of a huge amount of media from the day – photos, videos and audio clips that are all ready to be turned into engagement gold! Rather than dumping everything into one post for people to sift through, pick some of the best items and turn them into an engaging highlight reel that you can then send to participants and display on your website and social media accounts.
  • Post Event Survey – getting access to hard data is really important when you need to prove the value of an event. One of the best ways to do this is by asking delegates to complete a short post event survey that covers the organisation and contents of the day. To get the best response levels, keep the survey to a simple tick box expertise and provide an optional comment box at the end.
  • Arrange an After Party – nothing is more engaging then having some fun after a conference or has ended! Why not arrange an after party that allows delegates and presenters mingle and chat about the day, helping them to forge valuable connections that they can use when they return back to their normal routine.
  • Create a Post Event Page – another great way to keep the event momentum going is to create a webpage that people can access to get all the information from the day including recordings, handouts and contact information. Doing this will allow people to continue using what they learned and enabling them to refresh their memory on what happened and the advice they received.
  • Organise a Networking Event – most people would agree that networking is as valuable as the content of an event, giving people new connections that can help them in their work life. Rather than expecting people to complete all their networking on the day, why not arrange a networking event or series of events for after the event has ended. This is not only a great opportunity for delegates to meet up but provides you with lots of mini events to organise, giving your service a high profile and keeping you in the mind of your delegates.
  • Create an Attendee Database – you can take your networking offer one step further by creating a searchable attendee database that delegates can use to contact each other after the event has ended. You will need to get permission from the attendees that want to take part in this and ask them to complete a short profile form before uploading and sharing. The great thing about an attendee database is that you also have their permission to share information throughout the year, allowing you to advertise your next event when the date has been set.

Delivering the Best Post Event Engagement Strategy

Once you have decided on your post event engagement strategy it is important that you prioritise it and deliver consistently so that your subscribers feel valued and have access to up to date information whenever they need it. Remember that overloading people with lots of information in one go is often off-putting but sharing valuable information over a period of time will help you to remain relevant and welcome!

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