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Hopin announces new layoffs and a ‘transformation’ with new product launches

Online events platform Hopin have recently announced another raft of layoffs of 17% more of their employees, including some senior players, off the back of a further 29% who were let go during the summer.

Hopin’s founder Johnny Boufarhat explained how their meteoric success was accelerated by their prompt reaction to the lockdown-enforced need for leading edge virtual solutions. High velocity recruitment went hand in hand with their expedited growth.

Despite the obvious setbacks, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, there’s much optimism for a streamlined and re-focused future for the business. This is in part due to what Hopin describe as transformational changes, spearheaded by Session, their new “fun, lightweight, and interactive” meetings and webinar product.

Boufarhat said that consideration of the bigger picture, coupled with a proactive response to what customers want and need in a post-pandemic eventscape, are vital for future business fitness and mitigating any adverse impacts of “our own missteps, shifting consumer behaviour, impending recession, and tightening budgets”.

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Hopin announces new layoffs and a ‘transformation’ with new product launches, Paul Colston, Conference News


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