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What does the war in Ukraine mean for the events industry?

We’ve all watched the unfolding of Russia’s war on Ukraine with horror and heartbreak at the unnecessary loss of lives, human deprivation, misery and courage in the face of adversity.

But what does it mean to the events industry specifically? Tanya Pinchuk, Ukrainian CEO of ExpoPlatform, shared her thoughts with Conference News recently:- 

·        Energy – The western world is already experiencing eyewatering energy price hikes due to efforts to minimise reliance on Russian supplies. As a result, gas and oil prices are soaring. Some countries are even reverting back to coal, with potentially damaging environmental consequences. Tanya foresees an upsurge in events promoting renewable energy to avert further disruption. 

·        Food – She describes Ukraine as an ‘agricultural superpower’, rich in corn, potatoes, sunflowers and wheat. This helps explain why UK retailers are introducing rations of certain cooking oils. In turn, it creates the need for new supply chains in order for events and hospitality businesses to supply to demand. 

·        Support – There’s been some awe-inspiring fundraising efforts going on in the events industry specifically, besides in the broader business community. In addition, Tanya believes that practical support for Ukrainian businesses is crucial for their survival and future prosperity. It’s a dilemma, when businesses are understandably wary of trading with a war zone. Moving forwards, she envisages event organisers offering free or discounted places at events to help Ukrainian businesses build bridges and also to establish new supply chains of their own.   

Check out the full interview and let us know if there’s anything you’d add.


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