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12,000 participants at IMEX America prove face to face matters

12,000 event professionals headed to Las Vegas in late October for IMEX 2022. And 4,000 event planners were amongst them – highlighting that an appetite for knowledge and connectivity is well and truly back with a vengeance.

In fact, the need for in-person interaction in amidst hybrid and remote working models was a focus of show. And other key conversation starters and trends and included –

·        Closer attention to people first event delivery – IMEX Group CEO Carina Bauer described the need for a shift in perceptions from the tradition way of categorising people as B2B or B2C.  “We really need to think about that full-human, people-first experience”, she explained. “That means giving people more freedom of choice, letting go of things like overscheduling because we know that some of the best experiences and cherished memories really happen in the spaces in between”. 

·        DEI front and centre – Finding innovative ways of enhancing a sense of belonging for all, and underscoring the value of events to overall business goals.

·        Continuing to prioritise wellbeing – A number of exhibitors led the way at IMEX, by demonstrating in real terms how wellbeing can be incorporated in to events in an engaging way. “Incorporating well-being into the show, whether that’s through early morning exercise sessions, meditation or sleep pods”, Bauer continued. “And some of our exhibitors are showing up very differently, too. Hyatt, for example, has meditation and sleep pods in their booth. IHG has provided well-being smoothies”. 

·        Sustainability – Committing in word and deed to net zero events, by taking control of water and waste reduction, and using the measurement of carbon impact to inform the broader strategy within businesses and organisations.

We were there! At MICE Concierge, many of our amazing clients take it as read that we’re all over what’s going on in the event industry. So, get in touch with us if you’ve got any questions or enquiries around the nature of events in 2022 and beyond.


12,000 participants at IMEX America prove face to face matters, Blair Potter, MPI


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