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Fear factory – don’t be scared of your data
Fear factory – don’t be scared of your data

Fear of the unknown can cause a fight, flight or freeze reaction. But in 2023, a “what we don’t know can’t harm us” mindset around event data lacks foresight, Explori’s Chloe Richardson explained to M&IT magazine. In fact, she argues it’s your secret weapon for reinforcing the strategic importance of events in support of your overall business objectives.  
While change can be unsettling, it’s simply a matter or refining your approach, your analysis and how you ultimately share your insights, according to Chloe.
Her hottest hacks include:

  • Measuring the Right Data – It’s no longer enough to just measure topline metrics such as attendance revenue generation. Now, you can leverage more strategic indicators. For example –
    • How your audience perceives your events – and how your events are impacting overall brand perception
    • Behavioural changes as a direct result of your events
      Such factors equip you to forecast the longer-term impacts to inform and dictate the future direction of your events.

  • Communicating Effectively – Demonstrating value to non-event stakeholders is a challenge for thousand of event professionals, especially during turbulent times. But it doesn’t have to be grisly when you use a simple three-step formula –
    • Pre-determine your measurement criteria for success on an event-by-event basis
    • Decide which data points to focus on
    • Present insights by stakeholder group you need to report back to

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