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Managed Accommodation for Congresses and Delegates

Arranging a congress for a large number of visiting delegates is not for the faint hearted, especially when it’s vital that each person feels well cared for and important during their visit. One of the easiest ways to impress your delegates is to provide a clear, serviced accommodation package that they can book and look forward to.

Finding the right accommodation solution doesn’t need to be difficult, but there are some important steps and considerations that you need to think about first. Take a moment to find out more about specialist-managed serviced accommodation for congresses with our helpful insights.

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How Early Should I Appoint a Managed Accommodation Service Provider?

It can be difficult to work out when to liaise with a managed accommodation service provider as congress events are usually planning in advance, using predicted numbers rather than confirmed delegates.

In reality, the earlier you choose an accommodation specialist service, the better the rates you will be able to achieve for your delegates. However, if you are working to a tight schedule with not much time left before the event then a good accommodation specialist should be able to work to find the best rates so that everyone can benefit.

Why Managed Accommodation is the Best

If you are in Geneva, London, Liverpool or beyond, arranging congress accommodation is always going to be a challenge, especially when you have large numbers of delegates that need somewhere to stay. However, managed accommodation aims to make the process simpler and easier by offering tools such as block management for rooms, negotiation of room rates and even the creation of a booking channel that your delegates can use to get the room they need.

In addition to organising the booking process and rates, a managed accommodation service offers the ongoing management of each booking and can even organise transfers for delegates so that they do not miss out on any key moment of your congress agenda.

The great thing about trusting a managed accommodation service is that you can be certain that your delegates will be able to access the rooms they need for the duration of the congress, leaving you able to focus on creating an event that impresses everyone!

What You Can Expect From a ‘Client side’ Managed Accommodation Provider

When you decide to use a managed accommodation service, there are a number of things that are on offer that will not only make your life easier, but also support your delegates to get the best value for money. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Up to Date Technology – a managed accommodation provider will have access to the most up to date accommodation booking technology, enabling them to access the number of delegates that have booked rooms and feedback the stats to you as part of your congress planning process.
  • Congress Accommodation Specialists – rather than trying to find accommodation through tourist channels, using a Congress specialist will help you to find a solution that fits your business needs.
  • Reduced Fees – when you work with an accommodation specialist, they will have the skills and experience to negotiate the best prices, helping you to offer the best rates to your delegates.
  • Support for all Needs – whether you are arranging a small congress or an international event, a managed accommodation service will find the right solution for your delegates’ needs.

Where Managed Accommodation Services Work

The majority of congress venues are located near hotels to allow for simple transfers at the end of each day. For example, rather than looking for hotels around/ near Liverpool ACC, your managed accommodation provider will already have a number of great contacts they can use to create the accommodation solution that fits your requirements.

Whether your event is in the London tourist Centre, the Excel, the Manchester Centre or any other one of the congress centres around the world then using a managed accommodation service is the best way forward. You can even ask your managed accommodation provider to find you specific locations that offer dedicated spaces for networking and evening events so that your delegates are kept busy and get value for money.

The Benefits of Using a Managed Accommodation Service

When you decide to use a managed accommodation servIce, the benefits are not just for your delegates, they are also for you. Some of the main benefits you can look forward to enjoying include:

  • Less Stress – passing the pressure of finding appropriate accommodation on to a specialist provider not only means better rates for your delegates but also less stress for you, allowing you to focus more on the rest of the planning for the congress.
  • Support on Hand – a managed accommodation provider will also be on hand whenever you need them, helping to resolve ongoing queries and issues that could potentially spoil a delegate’s time at the congress.
  • More Delegates – with the reduced room rates your managed accommodation provider negotiates, you can look forward to more people signing up to come to the congress, making it more popular and successful.
  • Transfers Arranged – if your congress venue is far from public transport links you may find yourself having to consider transfer services. However, a managed accommodation provider can organise this for you too, saving you time and stress that could be better spent elsewhere.

Trust a Managed Accommodation Specialist and Reduce Your Stress

It’s clear that a managed accommodation specialist service is the simple way to get the best rates in the simplest way so that you can put your time and energy into creating a congress event that leaves everyone wanting to sign up for the next event too. Before you commit to a provider, take the time to check what services they offer and then pick the best solution for your event and your delegates.

A great provider will have the skills and experience needed, as well as the industry contacts required to get the accommodation locations that work the best for your event – ensuring your delegates and speakers are well looked after during the entirety of your congress.

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