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Our Top Venues in Manchester

If you are looking for a great place to host a conference or congress in Manchester then we have the recommendations you are looking for! From large spaces for big events to smaller, more intimate solutions, there is something to meet all your needs. We’ve shared just a few of our top venues and given you an overview of each so that you can choose with confidence – check them out now.

Manchester Central

Manchester Central has been in business for over 100 years and is a sought-after destination for events, conferences and congresses. It has a range of spaces for you to book and there is plenty of scope for creating a space format that works for your needs. It’s set inside an old Victorian train station that has been renovated, making it both an interesting and exciting venue to use.

The team at Manchester Central have a significant and diverse range of experience that will help you achieve the outcomes you need. From planning large meetings to planning conferences and exhibitions, you can be certain that your needs will be well met in this place. Plus, there are thousands of hotel spaces just a short walk from the venue, making it easy for your delegates to come and go as they wish.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford may be the home of Manchester United, but it is also a fantastic location to hold a conference, congress or event in style. There are more than 150 different meeting rooms to choose from and twenty suites that can be set up to suit your specific requirements and can house more than one thousand delegates at a time.

The other great thing about choosing Old Trafford is that they have a huge outdoor space that you can utilise for your exhibition or event, wowing everyone as they walk through the doors! Car parking is included in your event plans and there are plenty of hotels in easy reach of the stadium.

The Storehouse

If you are looking for a central location for your event then The Storehouse is a great choice. It’s located at Whitworth Locke and is a popular choice for fashion and film events as well as being a good option for product launch and business meetings. The building is an old cotton mill and offers all the character you need to create an impressive event that will leave everyone wanting to return.

Depending on your seating arrangements, this space can host at a capacity of 80 – 150 people and has lots of facilities that will leave your delegates impressed. We love that it is so close to al the important sights that Manchester has to offer as well as the best hotels for your delegates to stay in when they visit.

Hyatt Regency

If you are looking for a modern event space that is set inside a hotel then the Hyatt Regency is well worth considering. It has a dedicated floor for conferences and events, and a team of individuals that are trained to help meet all your needs. The event space offers over 400 square feet of purpose-built room that can be configured to your specific requirements.

There is also up to date equipment pre-installed into all the event spaces and you can even break down the flexible spaces into smaller break out areas if you need to. It’s also worth mentioning that the hotel rooms are of a high quality, giving your delegates the perfect accommodation solution after a long day at your event and allowing them more informal networking opportunities over drinks or dinner once the day comes to an end.

The Edwardian

The Edwardian has recently undergone a total refurbishment and now offers a five-star location for all your event needs. It is situated inside a Grade II listed building and has all the modern technology required to create a functional and impressive event. Inside the building are twenty different event spaces to choose from, with the largest room holding up to 500 delegates. The rooms are spread across three floors, with each floor having a large foyer for the arrival and registration of your guests.

The Edwardian is also a five-star hotel that has more than 260 rooms that your delegates can stay in during the event, as well as excellent leisure facilities and high-speed WiFi that they can use when they need to. From the technology that is ready for you to use to the quality service and dining experiences, The Edwardian is a stunning location for event needs and will leave everyone impressed and excited to return.

Chamber Space

If you are keen to find a business-focused space for your event then the Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Space is an excellent choice. It has been used by some big names in business and has a range of sixteen rooms that can be set up to suit your specific requirements. From conferences to courses and meetings to receptions, there is a solution for your business needs. Plus, the Chamber Space also has a full concierge service and security team so that you can feel confident about keeping everyone safe and on task during your event.

The Chamber Space has a business feel and comes with a range of conference equipment that is easy for you to use and compatible with most devices that are brought into the space. It is located in the Greater Manchester area and is close to plenty of hotels so that your delegates can get to and from the space with the least fuss and hassle.

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With so many great venues on offer, you can be certain that your Manchester-based event will impress everyone that joins you. However, be aware that these event spaces book up quickly, meaning that you will need to arrange your dates sooner rather than later. Ultimately, once you have booked your event space, you and your delegates can be certain that your event will leave everyone impressed – book yours now!

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